What's in the bill? Let's break it down:

Urge your legislator to say 'YES' to HB 2048!

  • In 2007, the General Assembly made a policy decision to create a very limited and controlled competitive market to encourage renewable energy.
  • This enabled Virginia residents and businesses to shop the market for the best renewable energy option.
  • The 2007 law contains a renewable energy "kill switch" that shuts down all competitive renewable energy providers if the incumbent utility offers it's own renewable energy product.
  • Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power now offer their own one size fits all 100% renewable energy products and have activated the "kill switch" to shut down Virginia's robust renewable energy market.
  • HB 2048 would remove the "kill switch" and allow new customers to purchase 100% renewable power from a licensed supplier or their utility.
  • Licensed retailers serving residential customers would be required to offer a 10% discount to low-income customers.
  • This bill passed and was signed into law in 2020, but there was a catch: an amendment tacked on at the last moment made the bill effective only if passed again in 2021.

No Mandates.

Just 100% Renewable Choice.

With HB 2048's passage, Virginia's renewable energy economy will grow, facilitate economic development and will support Virginia's clean energy goals.

Virginia's renewable energy economy will grow faster with competitive options.

Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power want to control your ability to use renewable energy. Ask your legislator to vote "YES" on HB 2048, so you can keep the right to choose your renewable energy provider, secure better prices and products, assist low-income customers and eliminate the "Renewable Energy Kill Switch."

You deserve the power to choose where your energy comes from.

Businesses are adopting sustainability goals that can only be met with renewable energy.

Virginia's utilities have reported significant over-earnings.

Don’t let 100% renewable energy become a monopoly. 

Sign the petition today and protect your power to choose tomorrow.


Your power, your choice. Sign the petition today.

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More and more residents are seeking renewable energy options to power their homes.

Customers want the right to choose.

  • From September 18, 2019 to July 2, 2020 in Dominion territory, despite obstacles, 12,000 business customer accounts have switched to competitive supply, representing approximately 1,000 MW peak monthly load.
  • 1.8 billion kWh out of 69.8 billion kWh have switched to competitive supply thus far.
  • In addition, 6,860 individual retail commercial accounts were pending in Dominion’s system to switch to a retailer as of July 2, 2020 but are now prevented from doing so.

Energy Choice fosters economic development in Virginia.

  • Improving the economic competitiveness of all existing businesses by helping them better manage their energy costs.
  • Allowing Virginia to compete for businesses looking to expand/relocate that want access to renewable energy, like Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Encouraging more renewable energy projects in Virginia, like wind and solar, which means more jobs and an expanded tax base.

Competitive suppliers' attempt to reopen Virginia's renewable energy market faces tough utility opposition. (Virginia Mercury). Read more